Month: February 2020

Important Elements That Are Found in Tankless Water Heaters

People who live in cold places definitely need a hot shower. It is a struggle to take a bath using cold water when you are already in a cold place. Most people buy water heaters and install them in their houses; this way, they can use hot water when taking a shower. A water heater utilizes an energy source to heat water beyond its initial temperature, and it is called a heat transfer process. You can choose from two types of water heater, the traditional and a tankless one. Most people with small houses want to install tankless water heaters since it is compact, and it does not take up much space. That little device has a lot of different parts in it too. Knowing this can help you to repair and replace broken parts by yourself. Here are some of the essential elements found in most water heaters:


Heat Exchanger


The heat exchanger is a device made out of stainless steel or copper tube, and this is where the small quantity of water is stored – passing through and utilized to transfer the heat from the gas burner. The heat exchanger is like a passageway for the heat to reach the water. The heat that is being transferred is generated from the gas burner that is heating below the heat exchanger. The metal is also used to increase the heat that can be transferred to the water. When its winter, there is a possibility that the cold water that is stored in the heat exchanger might freeze if the heat exchanger is not used. Proper maintenance is also necessary since the heat exchanger might be scaled internally.



Combustion Components


The burning of the gas happens in the combustion chamber. It is designed as the room-sealed chamber for direct water heaters, and an open chamber on atmospheric models. The gas valve can be a multi-stage and single-stage device which you can use with the modulation and ON/OFF alternative. It adjusts its power based on the water flow, changes, and demands in any incoming and outgoing water temperatures. For the air to rapidly mix with the burning gas, the combustion fan is situated below the gas burner.

Burner Components

Gas burners are usually installed underneath the heat exchanger and are typically made with high-quality steel material so that it can work with higher heat yields. The gas burner should generate burner flames that have a blue colour since yellow flames are a sign of a wrong hole-size, the burner could be dirty, and it may block the heat exchanger balance which can cause improper combustion. It is suggested to check the pattern, shape and colour of the burner flames, to discover problems early.…