Learn How To Potty Train Your Baby

When a child is born, every family member is happy and will always send all the congratulation messages and compliments. Everyone will want to advise you on every tip they think is helpful from their experience of child upbringing. The transition from diapers to potty using to toilet using is expected to be a natural process. Potty training a child is an exercise that requires a lot of care and patience. It can be frustrating however if not carefully exercised. In fact, potty training in 3 days ebook can help you a lot. Several tips can be applied by parents to ensure their kids learn how to use a potty.

Potty training tips

PreparationBaby on potty

Preparation is the key. No matter what method you opt to use, making preparations and planning will ensure that shifting from diapers to potty will be an easy process. Have all required items set ready and when the right time comes when you and your baby are ready, you can begin. It’s also important to plan for one person to do the training consistently. This will ensure that same method is applied, and the child learns the habit quickly. If not make sure that all adults involved are all reading from the same page.

Encourage the child

Make sure that the child is encouraged to use this new introduction. No matter what encouragement you decide to use, they should find the time they spend here as fun. You must remember that this is a new experience, and they must not like it.

Be patient

Even when adults are learning new things, they take time to master. Some kids may be slow learners and will keep making mistakes. Others learn faster after an amazingly short time. It’s important to understand the child you are training and patiently train until he or she learns to do it on their own.

Use potty chairs

Potty chairs are more convenient to use than the normal toilet for the kids. They will increase confidence to the child since they are stable. They also do not look like an alien experience and are more comfortable.

Make potty time a routine

It is very iBaby on potty 2mportant to have a specific time for potty training and stick to it. The child will learn to associate that time with that particular routine which will make learning be faster. Create time that is both convenient for you and the child and stick to it.

Don’t scold accidents

Accidents are bound to happen whenever a new thing is being learned. Do not respond negatively to any accident the child makes. Rather praise and encourage as scolding can lead to distorting normal body functioning. When this happens, the child will hold and will have bladder and bowel disorders.

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