Why every kid must go through the toy kitchen

Every kid is fond of their mother. Moms spend a great deal of their time in the kitchen preparing meals. So, it is expected that most children hover around the kitchen quite frequently. Through observation, they develop an intriguing interest in what goes on in this special room. This manifests itself in some of their games where they mimic their parent preparing meals at the kitchen. To capitalize on this urge, toy companies have developed toy kitchens that help your child learn and grow their skills. The play kitchen accessories develop their imagination, increase their math skills and help them learn about fruits, vegetables and much more.

Why every kid must go through the toy kitchen

kids in toy kitchen Children today adore the play kitchens as they feel it is an adjustable mirror of their home kitchen. It is also a way in which a parent can join them as they play and point of certain things. As children grow, they learn different things. This makes it important for them to have a play kitchen within the house.


One thing is certain about the play kitchen sets; they do best when kids play together. This makes them more fun. The toy is an instant winner and can get them all your kids friends in your living room trying to get a piece of the action. For one, cooking is something they can all relate to as they all eat. In addition, the toy transcends the barriers of gender and is unisex. The lessons they learn on sharing manifests in preschool and kindergarten.

Relate with friends

When sharing a play kitchen with your children, your child gets the opportunity to learn from others. Parents must be willing to invite their kids’ friends to enjoy the moment too. The more your kid is exposed to others; they quickly learn how to interact with different people. These skills are used throughout a kid’s life when developed at an early age. These simple interactions teach your kid how to get along with their peers easily.


Most children love playing the make-believe games. When played based on a kitchen set it gets even better. They mimic someone washing the dishes, while another dries them. Another may pretend they are preparing a meal. As you watch children play this kind of simple games, as a parent you must stress the importance of working together as a team to realize collective goals.

Leave everything organized

It is not easy explaining the importance of organization to a child. The only way they can see its importance is if they do it practically when playing. When using the play kitchen, they might start doing their play dishes with a sponge, mild soap and warm water. These small actions make the children feel like adults and teaches them the importance of cleaning skills.

Child playing with toy kitchen

Counting skills

Even if your kid can count, this can be developed further through the play kitchen toys. At this point, accessories come in handy. While playing with toy foods, children will have to count the number of cups, plates, and utensils as they organize them around the set. This might seem small and inconsequential, but it is a practical application of the influence of math in their daily lives.

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